Monday, June 6, 2011

First week of Freshmen Orientation

UT started their freshman orientation this week. It Haha, but other than that, it was good. I was up early this morning, feeling a little bit sleepy but good because I haven't been up that early since school ended a couple of weeks ago. So, my sister dropped me off on campus and I went to the table that was set up by Christian Students on Campus at West Mall. There were a couple of students there already started passing around our flyers for this week's activities and for Freshmen Connect.

To tell you the truth, I chickened out a little bit in the beginning. There were SO MANY of them! JB, one of the older girls with us, noticed that I was scarred to pass out the flyers so she told me just to follow her. After probably, around 15 minutes watching her doing it so casually I started to feel more comfortable so start passing the flyers more freely. It's so funny, I've done this a couple of times and I always still feel scarred in the beginning, I guess I just have to practice some more and do more tabling this next couple of weeks.

While we were passing out flyers, there were so many freshmen with their parents passing by. I'm always very touched every time there is a parent that came to us and asked for our flyer. I was like, "Wow, this parent knows exactly that their kid needs in their college year!" So precious. I pray that their kids will be connected to some Christians on campus and find companions to pursue Christ together with in years to come here at UT.

Also, I just enjoy spending time with the girls tabling. I realized this tabling time is not only to pass out flyers and invite them to our activities, but also to build us up together. I haven't seen some of them for a while since the graduation, so it's good just to talk to them and catch up today.

Anyways, so yeah, I'm excited about the new batch of freshman. Lord, just open and soften their hearts to know You more in their college years! Do not let them waste their time!

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  1. Hi, P! First....I've GOT to comment on your id picture...WONDERFUL!!! GREAT PIC! I was so happy to see your blog because it made me feel better. I always, always am nervous to pass out fliers for the Lord, the gospel, to connect with other Christians. Your sharing,of doing this with others, helped me...a lot!