Friday, September 9, 2011

Vancouver's Summer Night Market.

I was just looking through my old pictures from previous summers and look what I found! Summer of 2010 I went to Vancouver and I went to the Night Market with a couple of my old high school friends. It was awesome, so many stands of food and other goodies. So let's start with the food first, then we'll go to the goodies on my next post.

Jeff and I enjoying our Hurricane Potatoes with different kinds of flavors.

D's Takoyaki - pure awesomeness.

I want to say this is Taiwanese Fried Tofus.

Chocolate/Custard-filled Taiyaki. It was way too hot when we ate them, but still good!

Boocad thinking to get some fried stuffs.

Dru's Sausage in Sausage, looks a bit gross, but he said it was good.

Gizzards I suppose? I didn't eat it.

This is so awesome. One of my favorite snack of the night!

Moss burgers with bulgogi fillings.

Super spicy fish balls.

Ramen shop. Surprisingly they're not that popular.

Dragon Beard Candy, I have to say that it has a very interesting texture.

Well, that's all I have for y'all now!! You should DEFINITELY go to the night market in Vancouver when you're there during the summer. I totally loved it!

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