Saturday, June 11, 2011

The best love for the Lord

College Meeting tonight was also really sweet, and we sang "The best love for the Lord" a couple times before and after reading the Bible reading portion for today, Luke 7:36-8:3. Both the reading and the song were awesome. Well, I don't really know how to express my enjoyment tonight... just read the lyrics from the song and you'll understand. :)

  1. Loving You, Lord's all I'm living for;
    Loving You, Lord, to the uttermost.
    Lord, forgive me if I've left my first love,
    That's the bridal love to You.
    You are more than any one I love.
    You are more than anything I have,
    Even my dear self; nothing can compare
    To my beloved Bridegroom.
    • I give You the first place in all things by faith.
      Let nothing take Your place in all my heart.
      Infuse me with Yourself abundantly
      'Til we meet, dear Lord.
      I'll love You with the best love.
  2. You've the right to take all that I love,
    But replace it with Yourself much more.
    You are what I need, give Yourself to me,
    Do not give all that I want.
    Everything is sure to pass away,
    Everyone is going their own way.
    But I still have You and You have me too,
    Loving one another's sweet.
  3. I treasure my time alone with You,
    Just to gain the best love You long for.
    My dearest Husband, draw me with Yourself
    Into Your chambers right now.
    Be the first in all my work and life,
    Be the first in all my service too.
    In relationships, You must be the first;
    Have preeminence in me.


  1. Thanks for posting! Keep up the awesome experiences that you have with the Lord. :)

  2. Hey missing your post, keep posting.

  3. I really enjoyed the meeting too! This song is so precious and has really helped me and encouraged me in some difficult situations! I'm so glad we got to sing it :)