Saturday, June 25, 2011

I've Found the One of Peerless Worth in Chicago

Hymns are awesome. As you have noticed on my last couple of posts, I've been enjoying a lot of hymns. So this is what I've experienced this past week...

So, last week I was out in Chicago for a week holiday trip with my classmate HC. Chicago is awesome, at least for our first day, the weather was perfect, our hotel was right in front of Grant Park and only 5 minutes away from Millennium Park, and so on... we were like, "Man, we have to totally apply for jobs here." However, as the days went by, Chicago was still awesome, don't get me wrong, but we were so pooped and the weather was really unstable. But regardless, I really enjoyed spending time with HC, we got to know each other so much more, we get to see a lot of things, and by the end of the week we get to meet with other believers.

When we met the other believers, one of the hymns that we sang was entitled, "I've Found the One of Peerless Worth". This hymn is super awesome. Here I can see that Christ can be our everything! He is the all inclusive Christ that can fulfill our needs! The song has 15 stanzas, I think it'll be way too long for me to copy paste it here, so I will give you a link to it at the end of this post.

I really like stanza 11, it says, "Christ is my everlasting home/ My all-sufficient land/ My fortress, tower, hiding place/ And my eternal stand." Sometimes, I feel like I am so weak, I easily fall into my fallen nature, but praise the Lord! I can always depend on Christ as my all-sufficient land and eternal stand! Even though often we sway around, but our Christ is always the same, He will continue to provide us with all our needs!

Tune and Lyrics to "I've Found the One of Peerless Worth"

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  1. What did you do in Chicago? I'm going to be there next week.