Monday, July 4, 2011

Prepare my heart and spirit to receive You.

So this week I'm in Anaheim, California for a Semi-annual Christian Conference. This is my third time here and I'm pretty excited. Before every conference I'm always worried if my heart and spirit is too "dead" to receive His word. So I would like to write this post as a short prayer!

Lord, I consecrate this week to You. I want You to be the center and focus of this week, not just me, but for all the believers that has given up their summer to get closer to you in a personal way. Erase all our human concepts and refresh our vision with a new revelation this week. Let there be no distractions and do not let the enemy has any ground in us. I also pray so that the speakers will speak Your words, just flow out from them. Thank You Lord, I just want to love You more this week. Amen.

Please pray for His word to flow out and for all the believers to receive His word into their spirit.


  1. Amen! Right Lord, we give You the ground to work in us this week! Keep our hearts soft and open to You and Your speaking! Anoint our ears to hear Your word! Grant us a spirit of wisdom and revelation.

  2. Amen, sister, we are all praying so much for this time. Here in the London, UK, we are starting the video-training on Thursday, and the best thing we can do is just open to the Lord for this time!

    PS. To share some of your enjoyment / the saints enjoyment from the training, here's a Facebook page :)