Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Enjoyment vs the Lord's Appearing.

As some of you may know I've been reading the "Life Study of Genesis" for quite a while now. This week I somehow managed to finish reading Message 64 despite all my hectic week (it's the last week of the semester). It is definitely by His grace and mercy I was able to live through this week.

Message 64 talks about Isaac. Isaac lives a life that is full of enjoyment. He didn't have to do anything, all he did was resting and enjoying. He was born in grace, was grown up in grace and was made an heir of grace. Even in the matter of his marriage, he didn't do anything, Abraham found Rebekah and Rebekah came to him. This enjoyment of his was his destiny.

However, before he was married, Isaac left Beer-sheba and went to the south country. In the Bible, going southward means going downward. Through his journey going southward, he encountered many events that caused him to move and dug different wells for his well-being. By each of these wells, Isaac was still enjoying His grace. However, even though he was still enjoying grace, he didn't have the Lord's appearing until he came back up to Beer-sheba, where the Lord wanted him to be. The night he came back, the Lord appeared to Him.

So how can we reflect this to our daily life right now? A well signifies enjoyment and satisfaction. As Christians we are destined for some enjoyment. Wherever we are and whether or not we are right or wrong, we have been destined for enjoyment. Just like Isaac, wherever he goes he was still enjoying. However, it wasn't until he came back to Beer-sheba, the right standing place that the Lord appear to him. We also, have to stand at the right place to receive the Lord's appearing. Our enjoyment of Him does not guarantee that we are standing at the right place.

I would say our enjoyment of Him is mainly for our own needs and benefits. But, the Lord also has a need for us to cooperate with Him for His eternal purpose! Unless we are standing at the right place, He cannot appear to us to reveal His perfect will for us to fulfill His eternal purpose. Thus, it is very important for us to not only enjoy the Lord but also to stand at the right place to receive His appearing.

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  1. Amen~ want to stand at the right place for your purpose! want to be kept in the flow and enjoy you for YOUR purpose.