Sunday, December 18, 2011

Singapore Tourists: Chinatown's Gluttons.

After we went through Chinatown’s main street, we went to eat egg tarts and curry puffs at Tong Heng. KL found it online. It was really good. The egg tarts were very soft in the middle and perfectly layered on the outside. I usually don’t like curry puffs, but this one… yummy! And a couple days after that, we KL and I just had to come back to get some more because it was too good to be missed.
Tong Heng's egg tarts, curry puff and char siew bao.

Then after we ate Tong Heng for snacks, we went to eat some Japanese ramen at Tonkotsu King Ramen for our late lunch. Interestingly, we can see the fat blobs in the soup base (pork broth). Big Bro, being the guy that he is, he said that the fat blobs made it tastes even better. I have to agree with him. We ate ramen at three different restaurants in Singapore, and this one was the best.  Plus, they give us complimentary side dishes: boiled eggs, beansprouts and some kind of pickles.

Big Bro's Tonkotsu Ramen Special with all toppings (corn, flavored eggs and Japanese seaweed).

Actually our day didn’t end there, we went to Marina Bay Sands to watch the Broadway Show Wicked. However, I somehow lost most of the pictures I took in Marina Bay Sands. I know… I was about to cry when I found out. We ate tons of good food and took a lot of nice pictures. But it’s okay… it just means that I have to go back to take more pictures! So there you have it, our Day 2 in Singapore. :)

Twining's high tea place in Marina Bay Sands.

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  1. ooooo those eggs tarts look so yummy! and I am also sad that you lost your photos! :( but I'm sure you took lots of mental pictures also :)