Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Training Part 2: Bus Rides

Like I've said in the previous posts, this was my third time to the Summer Training. On my first Summer Training in 2009, of course I enjoyed the messages, but what impressed me the most was our bus rides to go from our hospitality to the meeting place. Not only that it was my first experience being in a yellow school bus, but also because I can tell that the young believers that were with me really love the Lord! We were singing hymns and shouting praises in the bus every single trip. I guess that was one of the biggest reason I went again in 2010, I missed singing hymns like that... SO ENJOYABLE.

So, like the previous year, once I got into the bus I was ready for anyone to call out a hymn. It was awesome. Every single ride, we will sing some love songs for the Lord. I remember telling JH, who was sitting beside me, that I felt I was in the third heaven... It feels so unreal, the praises and all... Even though I can't sing well and I probably messed up the whole tune of the hymns, I really felt that the Lord was there with us and He was so happy because of our praises!

Amen! Let's continue to sing praises to our Lord!

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  1. Wow! I never knew that riding in a yellow school bus could be so enjoyable! Haha I remember when I was little I hated riding the school bus! But, if it were more like this, I think I would have liked it a whole lot more!
    But, I was also very impressed by how crucial praising the Lord is! I have a new appreciation for Praising the Lord! I want to be a person who is always praising Him! :)