Saturday, August 20, 2011

MPA Orientation.

This week I've been in the MPA orientation on campus. For you that don't know what it is, MPA stands for Masters in Professional Accounting, it is a program that UT's business school offers here in Austin.

So overall, the orientation was pretty intense I guess, plus the heat which didn't really help at all. I have to confess I was dreading for it in the beginning. After a very long summer, I definitely was not looking forward to begin my busy fall schedule.  But, somehow I really enjoyed the last two days of the orientation. The part where I get to meet my future employers.

On the first night we had the Networking Night, it was very nerve-wracking in the beginning. My classmate, HC, and I were so anxious the whole day before we meet the employers. It was so funny because the whole day we were together we didn't talk much because we were talking with ourselves in our heads, trying to picture us talking to the employers, coming up with questions to ask etc.

Then, it was time. My heart was pounding so hard that I can feel it in my neck. My lips are getting dry. I have to keep on rubbing my right palm on my skirt to make sure it is dry and cool so I will be ready to shake hands with people. After the coordinators told us to start, I went to my first assigned employer. I was SO excited that I was assigned to them because they are one of the companies that I'm interested to know more about. I introduced myself, I told them my interests and I started asking questions. After about 3 minutes talking to them I start realizing..."Oh wow, they're so normal. They're not scary at all and they are interested in me." Soon after that, I think after that I calmed down a little bit and start talking to them more normally. Then I went to the next employer and the next and the next. Toward the end of the event, yes, my feet were hurting from the heels that I was wearing, but I think I surprisingly enjoyed it.

Then the next day we had the Career Fair. I was back in my nervous mode, wondering if the employers will remember me from the night before. And hooray! They do remember me. Then I spent the next two hours going back and forth the room talking to them. I'm very satisfied, I got the chance to talk to the companies I'm interested to and I got to know the people a little bit.

Well, I can't really say much about what the employers thought of me, but I, for sure, learned a lot today. Also, I'm so glad that I got my friends with me during this whole time. Before the Career Fair, YC told me that DB (a MPA alumni that we know) said we should help each other. Let me tell you that I'm glad that DB told YC to remind us about this. Yes, in this whole process, you have to do your best to get a job, but we still have to help each other out. This is definitely important. So thanks y'all! :D


  1. NP, Pauline, that is what friends are for. You should look up MPA 11 commencement on the UT website, where Gerard talks about how it was great that in this MPA program he gained friends who helped him throughout the whole year.
    Great blog btw Pauline! Thanks for sharing. YC

  2. I love your article~~Pauline, it seems you did a wonderful job. I am sure you'll be doing great in the interviews. DH

  3. This DB must be a wise and amazing person