Thursday, September 22, 2011

Colossians Bible Study: To me for you.

"Of which I became a minister according to the stewardship to God, which was given to me for you, to complete the word of God," 
-- Colossians 1:25

So this past week I really enjoyed this verse, "to me for you". What does this mean exactly? This means that every single enjoyment/gain of Christ I had, is for you. Yes, you. So I'd like to share a little bit about my experience last week.

Last week I had a mini Bible study with some classmates, and one of them asked everyone else to share what we enjoyed/gained from Christ during the week. So we went around and shared our portion. However, one of them didn't share, lets just say it's name is A. After the Bible study, I was talking to A and A said, "I'm jealous how everyone get to share of their enjoyment, I don't know if my enjoyment was genuine so I didn't want to share. Well, I guess I could have share on "this" matter."
I totally can relate to A's experience, because I was like that too. I don't want to just blurt things out and pretend I had something. However, through my experiences I felt that, you know, you just have to learn to speak. Sometimes, you may not realize that it was actually a genuine experience until you said it with your mouth. Once you said it, sometimes you realized, "Oh, it was actually genuine." Also, just by the thought of having something to share, it means you have something. And the most important part is that you never know if what you shared is something that someone else in the room needed. You just don't know if you are planting some Christ on others in the room, it may not seem important to you, but for others, it may impact them. We just have to practice to speak forth Christ! 

When you think about it, you know about Christ because someone spoke to you right? Maybe that person that spoke to you only said a little something, but it changed your life. Thus, what you experienced and gained is also for others to enjoy.

Today I enjoyed Christ so I can share with you. The Christ that I enjoyed today is for you, so please enjoy Christ for me today!

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