Sunday, January 15, 2012

Singapore Tourists: Rain On Me

Our third day in Singapore went by pretty fast. Since it was Sunday, we went to a Lord's Table Meeting. KL and I went to a meeting place where DC always go every Sunday (Big Bro has his companions there so he went to another meeting place). DC gave us the address so we can get a cab to go there from our hotel. However, the cab driver dropped us off at the wrong address...and it was raining...and we didn't have any umbrella (the hotel ran out of umbrellas). We were about three blocks away from the meeting place. We didn't know what we should do. Even though we were late, we still want to go to the meeting.

In my being, I was talking to the Lord, "Lord, I really want to go to the meeting today. You are the only One that can make it happen. Give us just five minutes and we'll run to the meeting place!" (I bet KL was also praying so we can go to the meeting.) And then, ta-da! The Lord is faithful. He gave us just enough time to run and get into to the meeting. Yay! Praise the Lord. (DC was glad we made it, she was waiting for us outside the meeting place to make sure we're okay because we didn't have a phone with us for her to call.)

I really enjoyed the meeting, it was small but intimate. The Lord is really the same regardless of where we meet at. As long as we are with genuine believers, the Lord is always in our midst. The saints there are really nice and open. After the meeting, a lot of them greeted us and made us feel so welcomed. Praise the Lord for His one Body!

Percussion performance by a club to raise some funds.

After feeding on spiritual food, we went to Orchard Road to meet up with Big Bro to fill our tummies with good food. Let me tell you something, never go to Orchard Road during the weekend! I felt like everyone in Singapore was there! Most of the malls/plazas in Orchard are connected, so regardless of the crazy rain, people can still go to most of the malls/plazas without getting wet.

Some of Food Republic's choices.
We ended up in Food Republic at Wisma Atria. Food Republic is a food court (there are TONS of food courts around Singapore). Excuse the bad quality of the picture on the left. But those are some of the choices of food you can find in the food court. It definitely doesn't include all the choices available, just the ones on the Right Wing (as it says in the picture).

I don't know about y'all, but for me, the more choices available, the more confused I get. Especially here, I want all of them! I went around the food court, then a real petite Asian girl was bringing a super huge portion of Indian food on her hands. My face was literally like (O_O). Then, I found the Indian food's counter and look at their menu... The super huge portion of lunch combo is for a pretty good price. (I want to say that it was for S$6, but I'm not sure.) I quickly ran and grab KL and DC so we can get it and share. And so this is what we got:

Our lunch combo: Papadam and Chicken Briyani with Teh Tarik for our drink.
It doesn't look big here, but trust me... it's double the size of what you're thinking when you see this picture.
Roti Prata with cheese and onions + curry sauce.

Big Bro's Beef Ban Mian.

Ice Lychee and Ice Gui Ling Gao.

After we ate all these delicious food, we walked around Orchard Road. The place was way too crowded. Big Bro was tired because he hasn't been getting enough sleep and I just don't like being in a very tight space filled with people, thus the two of us decided that we want to go back to our hotel to rest for a bit while DC and KL walk around some more.

Then, for dinner, Big Bro knows a Korean BBQ buffet restaurant close by to our hotel in Novena. I would say that the food are just okay, but considering that it is a buffet, and for the price... it's not that bad, as you can see in the following pictures:

The different kinds of meat and sides we got.

We decided that we can make some Kimchi Fried Rice on the grill.

And that's the end of Day 3 in Singapore for us!

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